1. Receive

We are interested in submissions which deal with energy storage related topics (including sustainable energy sources).

2. Assess

First we will assess the quality of the submitted article. If we see potential in the submission, we will get back to the author.

3. Publish

Once we liked your submission, we will format your article and upload it as draft on

4. Review 1

We will pass on your review to an expert (professor, PhD, scientist) from out of the Storage4 Network.

5. Review 2

For the second review, we will contact an expert in the topic of the article who is outside of the Storage4 Network. This will insure an unbiased final review. Once reviewed, we will change the status from “draft” to “reviewed” and publish the article in the “International Journal of Energy Storage”.

6. Journal

If the author is interested in publishing through an established journal, we can facilitate the contact.


If you are interested in publishing or to pass on your knowledge by reviewing one of the articles, please contact