Title: Storage4

ISSN: 2214-4919

Storage4 will inform about energy storage and renewable energies by publishing articles and reviews on the website. It is aimed for informing as well as to motivate fellow scientists to become part of the transition to renewable energies.

Researchers can submit their articles dealing with energy storage and once reviewed, their articles can be published in the “International Journal of Energy Storage“.

The implementation of new technologies needs partners in both business and politics, and a productive synergy by all actors is needed.

science, politics, business


Storage4 Organizations


PubDia makes publishing and reading of articles easier and better. Together, we transform the one-way publishing process into a publication dialogue.

Open-Access Journal Archive

The Open-Access Journal Archive (OAJA) has the simple aim to be a secure storage space for open-access journals worldwide. OAJA insures authors that their articles, published in open-access journals, will be preserved for next generations even if the original journal does not exist anymore.

International Journal of Energy Storage

The “International Journal of Energy Storage” deals with all topics related to energy storage. As a peer-reviewed journal it will contain articles which underwent the review process by Storage4 successfully. The aim of the journal is especially to enable young researchers to get their first article(s) published.